A pair of late Louis XV bronze medallions

A pair of late Louis XV oval patinated bronze medallions
representing Antoninus Pius and Clodia in their original gilt bronze frames – circa 1770

Height: 30.5 cm. (12 in.)    Width: 23.5 cm. (9 ¼ in.)

These two medallions originally formed part of a larger set representing the Roman emperors and their wives.

The portraits of Vitellus and Domitia in identical frames were sold from the Steinitz Collection, Christie’s New York, 19 October 2007, lot 74.

Antoninus Pius was born on 19 September 86 A.D. in Lanuvium, near Rome, and died on 7 March 161 in Lorium, in Etruria. His reign as Roman Emperor 138-161 was a very peaceful one, marked by both the absence of war and the flourishing of trade and commerce throughout the Empire. After his death, Antoninus Pius was deified by the Roman Senate.

Clodia Pulchra (b. 56/55 BC) was the first wife of Octavian who later reigned as Augustus Caesar (reigned 27 BC – 14 AD). After the death of Clodia’s mother, Fulvia, who had given her in marriage to cement a political alliance, Octavian divorced her.